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White Lake, MI


With over 15 years in prototype engineering & low volume manufacturing MWW1 is dedicated to providing its customers value add, right sized solutions to their problems.  Want to turn a CAD model, sketch, or concept into reality?  From Automotive to Medical to Action Sports, MWW1 has been apart of creating the future. 


Prototype Manufacturing

Beyond business consulting and engineering, MWW1 has its own in-house machine shop. Our abilities range from precision machining to multi-axis mill-turning. We can also do both manual machining and CNC precision machining.

Prototype manufacturing is often the most exciting stage of development, because it allows you to finally touch and hold your product. We take a lot of pride in our prototype manufacturing service. We offer a variety of specific services, from metal forming to plastic machining. We can do rapid prototyping, or long production runs. We also carry in-house tools for precision machining.

MWW1 is looking to add to your in-house development team by seemingly integrating into your existing process, whatever your needs.   We are able to produce short lead time prototype parts because we have a machining & fabrication shop co-located w/ our engineering facility.

MWW1 has also established numerous strategic partnerships with reputable vendors throughout the Metro Detroit area, as well as the great Los Angeles, CA & Mooresville, NC.  We are happy to build to print, or if you wish, our experienced team will review your drawings and suggest modifications in an effort to help reduce cost, improve product performance, and improve manufacturability.  

CNC Machining

CNC Machining involves the use of computers to control machines, which then manufacture a product. Because the computer has the ability to control all minute details of machining, products made in this way have the ability to be precision machined. CNC Precision Machining can be used for metal or plastic parts. Whether you need low-volume manufacturing or if your product involves complex three-dimensional shapes, we will likely recommend CNC Machining.

Metal Fabrication

MWW1 has experience in a variety of metal machining areas, specializing in low volume prototype sheet metal forms and welded assemblies. When doing metal fabrication, we can do anything, from simple components to complex assemblies. We determine the best technique to manufacture your product, and we can provide a fast turnaround too. Some of our processes include laser cutting, welding, tube bending and metal forming.

Fabrication And Assembly Of Components

Whether your product is a simple mechanical one, or a complex electronic one, we can do fabrication and assembly of your products’ components. Some machine shops only offer component fabrication, which forces you to find another component assembly service. You’ll save time and money by choosing an all-in-one fabrication and assembly service such as MWW1.

We have experience with fabrication and assembly of a variety of automotive components, including, chassis, suspension, intake, exhaust and wiring harnesses. We can help you whether you need one single auto part or if you want to create an entire car.

Rapid Prototype Service

We produce prototype parts & assemblies, fast.
— MWW1

We’ve found an increasing need for rapid prototyping services over the last several years. Some of this arose from the entrepreneurship boom after the recent economic crisis; however we’ve also seen a growing need for rapid prototyping among large corporations. The manufacturing industry has seen much change over the last decade, with an increase in outsourcing, a focus on cost reduction and a long wait time on prototyping when requested in-house. In order to retain clients and stay competitive, a large company may need a rapid prototyping service to keep the project moving forward.  Due to technology changing at a rapid pace, we outsource to key suppliers and are happy to do so as an integrated part of our engineering and prototyping services.

Prototype Precision Parts

MWW1 has experience prototyping a variety of precision parts, from automotive components to wiring assemblies. We use our in-house 3 Axis CNC for precision machining, and if we think your project would benefit from increased accuracy, we will recommend 5 Axis CNC precision instead. We are confident that you’ll be satisfied with your precision machined parts.


  • Precision Turned Components
  • Precision Machined Components
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Metal Forming
  • Welded Assemblies
  • Chassis Fabrication
  • Fabricated Suspension Components
  • I/C Engine Intake & Exhaust Components
  • Wiring Harness Fabrication
  • Assembly (Low volume manufacturing & assembly services available upon request)

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