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White Lake, MI


With over 15 years in prototype engineering & low volume manufacturing MWW1 is dedicated to providing its customers value add, right sized solutions to their problems.  Want to turn a CAD model, sketch, or concept into reality?  From Automotive to Medical to Action Sports, MWW1 has been apart of creating the future. 


Strategic Consulting

Have a process that needs improving? A vehicle you need designed? We have lots of experienced, knowledgeable people ready to help you. From large to small, we do it all.
— MWW1

In conjunction with our engineering and prototype services, we offer strategic consulting services such as business & product planning & development, supply chain process improvement, cost analysis, assembly design & implementation and project management.  Check out one of our case studies below.

Business Operations Help

Whether you’re just starting your business, or you’re running a mid-size company we can provide help with your business operations. We specialize in helping engineering businesses with optimizing their operations.

Strategic Planning

In the early stages of your business, it’s great if you can get off to a strong start. With our consulting services, we will help you create the early stage, high level, bill of material, along with helping you get strategic sourcing of materials. We have a lot of experience consulting businesses at the concept stage. We want to help ensure a robust product design and manufacturability.

Lean Operations and Kaizen Events

Lean Business Culture involves cutting all of the non-value-adding work from your operations. What you are left with is a highly efficient, lean machine. If you are just starting a company, you can create Lean Processes from the get-go. If your company has already been established, going to Lean Operations could take some time, depending on the status of your company. But despite the Lean Status of your current operations, you can always take advantage of Kaizen Events.

Kaizen Events are a key component of Lean Operations. They offer the opportunity to specifically and strategically optimize business processes. Here at MWW1, we offer Kaizen Event Facilitation. We will work with you to identify one key problem you hope to address. Common problems include reducing defects in manufacturing, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing delays in various processes.

Advanced Business Operations Help

If you are running a larger business, you may need a more complex analysis of operational processes. We want to help you improve operations through a variety of advanced tools, including statistical analysis, inventory sizing, WIP control, product reconciliation and Supplier Kanbans. 

Cost Analysis

There are a variety of ways to reduce your operating costs. We can help you by doing a thorough procurement review and analysis, thus finding ways to reduce costs. In our experience we can typically reduce materials cost and reduce manufacturing costs.

Supply Chain Help

We offer comprehensive supply chain consulting. We can also put you in touch with the best quality and most affordable suppliers for your business.

New Product Consulting

Our broad experience across many engineering fields will help us to amend and improve your new product in the initial stages of development. If we see obvious design flaws or mechanical deficiencies, we will highlight these for you well before going into the product rendering stage.

CAD Model & CAM Model Consulting

Computer aided models allow for a precise examination of your product. Once the design, measurements and constraints are set on the model, our engineering experts can thoroughly asses its viability.

Prototype and Manufacturing Consultation

Once again, we offer our expert consultations at every step of the product development process. Once your initial prototype is complete, we can help draft a test plan to make sure your product lives up to its requirements. We can help you with UL certification, and putting you in touch with testers and/or suppliers.