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White Lake, MI


With over 15 years in prototype engineering & low volume manufacturing MWW1 is dedicated to providing its customers value add, right sized solutions to their problems.  Want to turn a CAD model, sketch, or concept into reality?  From Automotive to Medical to Action Sports, MWW1 has been apart of creating the future. 


Product Rendering

Obtaining an accurate product rendering is one of the most important first steps in product development. You may need a prototype sketch for legal, financial and especially manufacturing purposes. We can help you get accurate product renders while minimizing costs.

Overview of Offerings:

  • GD&T
  • Tooling Design
  • Wiring harness diagram
  • Wiring harness schematic
  • Vehicle design
  • Collaborative design
  • Product rendering
  • CAD Modeling
  • Engineering drawing
  •  Mechanical engineering drawing
  • Design prototype
  • Sketch prototype

Sketch Prototype Service

If you are in the concept stage of your new product invention, you’re likely looking for a professional sketch of your prototype. Not all inventors have the artistic capacity or the product rendering experience to be able to draw their own professional sketches. We will consult with you on the business aspect of your product, while also fulfilling your prototype rendering needs. We’ll often begin with a sketch of your prototype, followed by a proper product rendering, likely as a CAD model, then finally an engineering schematic that will allow for production.

Engineering Drawings & CAD Modeling

Once you are ready to begin the technical analysis of your product, you will surely need proper engineering drawings in the form of a CAD model, CAM model, mechanical engineering drawing, and/or engineering schematic with GD&T. We’ll work with you to let you know which types of drawings you will need.

Affordable Product Renders

We can help you save on costs that you may have spent by paying expensive patent attorneys, or investment firms who you need to work with to launch your business. Many new inventors will pay for sketches and product renders from several different service providers. By getting your initial sketches and renders with us, you can use the generated CAD models or drawings for your patent applications, business plans or investor pitch-deck initially, then build upon them to create detailed drawings and plans when appropriate.